Absolutely amazing, I’m a cosmetologist and I stand and work at my nail station my shoulders kill me and I always feel 100% better leaving G! Very professional nd him to everyone!!! 

Melissa Ann Reese

I recommend highly, highly recommend!!! G is hands down the best and most respectful there is! You’ll feel like a completely new person! 

Marley King

I have gotten a massage on a few different occasions. This is, by far, the very best I've had! He is attentive to your needs and how you use your body. It doesn't get weird like he's trying to give you more than a massage either (I know that's a problem for us ladies). You'll be glad he saw you!!!   

Jaki Jones

There is healing in his hands. it is a gift.

Joy Y.

If you are looking for a WONDERFUL massage experience, be sure to check this place out. Gordon Coleman has magic hands!! 

Tricia Hearn

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